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Committed to establish and maintain a positive difference to your staffing needs, we at ganga security srvices are a headhunting and manpower recruitment firm of high repute and acknowledgment. We have gained this recognition by providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse corporates, of all sizes; in India, We are in the business of effectively understanding your manpower requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. With our industry expertise, we understand that company's today require more than a skilled candidate; they reach for employes who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team.
Apart from traditional practices to source candidates (like advertising in newspapers), we also incorporate innovative means to procure right professionals. Our experts leverage the power of technology-based recruitment and focus on online media to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization.

Our methods of handling the search for a candidate are tailored to specific circumstances. Keeping in mind the considerations like industry-specific skills and the location of such talent, we shortlist the candidates. The geographic scope of the search is agreed upon with our client, based on their work values. Our Work Process : We pro actively tap the market for excellent candidates.

Security services

Security service is a service, provided by a layer of communicating open systems, which ensures adequate security of the systems or of data transfers[1] as defined by ITU-T X.800 Recommendation.

ATM Security

ATMs are a major convenience in our lives and most people now rely on them to transfer money, withdraw cash or pay bills and even to apply for new services such as internet banking and direct debit.


A security guard, security officer, or protective agent is a private person who is paid to protect an organization's assets (property, people, money, etc.) from various hazards (such as waste, damaged property, unsafe worker behaviour, criminal activity, etc.)


Supervisor, foreman, foreperson, boss, overseer, cell coach, facilitator, monitor, or area coordinator is the job title of a low level management position that is primarily based on authority over a worker or charge of a workplace.

Provide Security Services

  • Security services
  • ATM Security
  • Guards
  • Supervisers
  • Gun man
  • Pso (personal security officer)/armed persons
  • House keeping
  • Bounser
  • Technical staff
  • Non-technical staff
  • Bank
  • mnc
  • Telecommunication sector

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